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World’s best meditations, personalized just for you.

Whether you're stressed, anxious, great, or having trouble sleeping, simply tell Aura and find strength & rest.

Aura is the world’s most personalized wellness app that provides you with thousands of wellness tracks for any needs and learns what works for you.

Over 5 million people just like you love Aura

“I am not over exaggerating when I say this app changed my life and I hope to never lose it. It helped me become my most beautiful, true self and showed my my true path in life.”

-Tina L.

"Aura is by far the best meditation application i ever used. Every single time I get to fall asleep peacefully and wake up rested. Aura’s personalization is magical and knows just what works for me. Thank you!!"

-Jessica M.

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Mindfulness meditations, stories, life coaching, sounds - everything.

With thousands of empowering & resonating audio tracks, Aura has just what you need every day.

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The World’s Top Coaches in One App

Top wellness coaches & therapists around the world share their wisdom with you weekly so that you can become your most resilient self.

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With everything going on, Aura is here for you.


Personalized Tracks

World’s biggest premium library  of wellness tracks, personalized for you


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In just 3 days, people report improvements in wellbeing & sleep

5 Million +


An empowering community of coaches & people beside you

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Over 30,000 5-star Reviews

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Made just for you

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Aura helps you find peace, whatever you may be struggling from. Find your personalized playlists and start your journey today.

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