Practical Wisdom for Living the Magic, Wonder and True Meaning of the Holiday

December 20, 2019

From Life Coaching Wisdom by Dorothy Ratusny (click for the full audio version).

The psychology behind our desire to recreate and our most cherished memories of holidays past is to feel that same childlike joy, fascination, and wonder it was.

In this article, we dive into the three best practices for cultivating the magic of the holidays in real-time and the strategy for how to do this most successfully. This is absolutely your thrive guide for the holidays.

Are you like so many others who do their best to recreate the magical moments of holidays past? Do you imagine yourself at a particular moment in time during childhood everything was enchanting, to feel as if you were living in a fantasy?

We tend to go to moments of our childhood as they evoke imagination and powerful imagery that immediately takes us back to that time of innocence and wonder. Do you think back to memories that evoke pure joy, laughter, and happiness so that you can feel these incredible feelings now?

As a child perhaps you anticipated gifts waiting for you under the tree on Christmas morning or what you might receive on every night of Hanukkah but as an adult, I’m going to encourage you to decide how you will curate magic and wonder by design so that you can experience joy, anticipation, excitement, and of course, love because you open your heart to it and because of the actions that you’ve taken to feel magic through the acts of giving, of being grateful.

In loving-kindness and nurturing relationships with your loved ones, it matters that you find and feel Joy in the real meaning of the holidays and not simply because you found your way to crossing everyone off of your shopping list and it’s still two weeks before Christmas.

In this article, we dive into the past strategy for curating the true magic of the holidays for experiencing joy in the anticipation of new experiences and shared laughter and fun. I might even suggest that you will want to continue using these three best practices as the strategy for how you live life.

Let’s begin with a few questions. Right here is a perfect opportunity to engage your inner wisdom. Let whatever intuitive answers that rise up be what you give your attention to grab some paper and a pen because you’re going to want to capture the first impressions and ideas that enter your mind. These are important and will be worth exploring more as you decide what new actions and thoughts you will hold for what you wish to co-create.

What are your sources of joy and what allows you to feel happiness easily?

Write your answers. Dare to speak these out loud so that you can hear the enjoyment in your voice as you speak your words and feel free to pause here as you record your answers.

How will I feel love joy and happiness throughout the holidays?

Here is how will you feel this for yourself. For example, do you need to be kind to yourself to feel love? Do you feel joy and happiness when you are doing something that you enjoy? Take a few moments here and consider this.

How will I feel love joy and happiness throughout the holidays?

Hopefully, you’ve found whatever Impressions and pictures that come to mind helpful to use for you as you record your answer so that you can remember this inspiration and implement your visual prompts and ideas that will help you create a game plan.

The notes that you’re making right here right now will help you decide the strategy of the next several days and weeks of the holidays. It may also give you new ideas for the best practices in which to live your life.

As much as we all love to feel enchantment magic and wonder which is often cultivated by reminiscing about a past memory or experience that we associate with feelings of love and joy, I want you to decide how you will evoke these incredible feelings by choosing the specific actions and the attitude that will allow you to feel the way you want to feel throughout the holiday season and if you already figured this out yes – indeed –

This is about what you can do to evoke these feelings and not what you might wait for or hope that someone will do for you.

We often idealize a situation that we would like but without taking all of the steps that ensure that we may have this. This is how you manifest your reality and thinking about how you will decide to feel the magic, wonder, and love at this time of year.

My hope is that this becomes a plan that inspires you to choose how you want to feel and experience life. To remember that above everything, you always have a choice and that it is you that defines your magical moments whether at the holidays or any time because of your ability to hold present in the moments of your life and to look for and see the beauty and the magic in most everything and perhaps in all of life.

From Life Coaching Wisdom by Dorothy Ratusny (click for the full audio version)

Wishing you peace and joy,

Aura Team

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