Aura Has Helped Me Achieve an Inner Peace I Didn't Realize Was Possible

Sunday, September 13
by Sarah M.

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Stress & Anxiety: It's Everywhere

In today's fast-paced society, many of us — myself included — find it difficult to unwind and find balance. Our careers are usually the culprit and 25% of people consider their job the main stressor in their lives. My nursing job wreaks havoc on my health, and it's hard to switch off my mind when I get home. My shifts are only supposed to last 12 hours, but I often end up pulling 14-16 hour shifts. After taking care of my patients all day, I come home and dedicate the little energy I have left to helping my family with dinners, housework, errands and appointments. A coworker recently pointed out that I put everyone else's needs before my own, and honestly, she's right.

When I get home it's hard to relax because my anxiety is in overdrive. My thoughts still turn to my parents and patients, and I wonder if they needed something important I may have missed. I also worry about whether I forgot something at work, such as discharge paperwork or a bedpan replacement.

I've tried things like at-home meditation and yoga, but I barely have time to make myself a quick salad for dinner let alone commit to other activities. Sometimes I push through and give relaxation techniques a try anyway, but work-related worries and other anxious thoughts always interrupt my efforts. I've tried relaxation supplements, but they just make me feel groggy. Aside from that, they're expensive, and I have no idea what half the ingredients actually do. I like knowing what I put into my body.

I've also tried numerous relaxation apps — basically all the ones you see in social media ads. Some were too long, and some just annoyed me. I didn't like the voices from some of the apps because they weren't calming. They were too loud, too perky or too gravely. I was also irritated by the lack of variety many apps offered. I mean, how many times can you listen to a different version of the same story?

I was ready to give up on anxiety-relieving apps completely, until I discovered Aura.

If you aren’t using Aura, you are operating at a disadvantage. Find out why.

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Aura: The Basics

Like other apps I've tried, Aura claims to help users reduce anxiety and stress. This app actually works, though. There are more than 1,000 sessions available, ranging from mindfulness meditations, stories, life coaching, sounds, to music. The calming stories help me drift off to dreamland each night instead of obsessing about whether I remembered an IV drip for room 12 or missed a pill when getting my Dad's pill organizer ready. The customized content makes me feel like I have my own digital life coach.

Aura works because it was developed by renowned therapists and meditation teachers, and the mindfulness exercises are backed by science. I love that I can pick personalized meditations based on my mood, whether I'm feeling stressed from a hectic shift or fighting back tears after a fight with my boyfriend. There are even options to help me sleep better, which is awesome since insomnia has destroyed my shuteye routine in the past. The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to figure out what's best for me instead of just offering generic recommendations. This is a feature no other app has.

Instead of rambling on and on about each feature, I'll go ahead and give you a brief rundown:

  • Personalized meditations & stories help enhance your mood
  • Life-coaching sessions keep you on track
  • AI learns what you like and recommends better and better content
  • Daily reminders for mindful breathers prompt you to take a quick timeout
  • Inspirational stories remind you that peace and happiness are possible
  • Daily smart-mood tracking helps you identify trends
  • Meditations are available 24/7, on your schedule
  • Quick meditations for three, seven or 10 minutes help you tackle anxiety without committing a large chunk of time
  • Unlimited meditation downloads are available; this is basically the Spotify of meditation apps
  • Downloaded content is accessible offline so you can preserve your data

Sounds good, right? Let me tell you about my personal experience.

Personalized meditations, stories and music from this app praised by the Best of Apple 2017 list

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Here's What Happened When I Tried Aura

As I mentioned earlier, I had basically given up on meditation apps and anxiety relief in general until I found Aura. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I downloaded the app and answered some quick questions about my lifestyle and what I want to achieve. My goals were stress reduction, decreased anxiety and improved sleep habits.

I started using the app for just three minutes a day, when I could take a breather at work. Honestly, sometimes I hid in the bathroom and did a quick meditation. I also started listening to the app on the subway ride home since I was able to download my favorite sessions.

Since then, my workflow has been smoother, and I'm able to brainstorm creative solutions for issues at the hospital. I've even helped implement an employee incentive program now that my anxiety-induced creative block is gone. My supervisor says she loves my ideas.

I also use the app before bed each night, and I'm sleeping better than ever. Instead of tossing and turning for hours while I panic about the upcoming workday, I fall asleep in under eight minutes.

My favorite meditation app

DaniXD, Verified User

"I have tried several different apps for meditation and mindfulness but this is my favorite one. It is very beginner friendly as the sessions are short, but very effective. I have found personally that different feelings or moods call for different styles of meditation and Aura is great at matching the recommendations to your needs."

Find out why Aura is the only meditation app you’ll ever need.

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Is Aura Worth It?

Yes, absolutely! I'm not the only one who appreciates this top-rated app. It was featured on Apple's Best New App list, CNN, Oprah, and TIME, and it's also Android friendly. You don't have to clear your calendar for lengthy meditations since the app lets you choose how much time you invest, and each meditation is customized to your lifestyle. I love that the personalization feature remembers what I like so I can quickly find new content that works for me.

I'm finally able to relax without expensive meditation classes or harmful supplements. Aura has restored my confidence by helping me tackle stress and anxiety.

What Aura Customers Are Saying

shmalter, 05/27/2019


In this fast-paced world filled with deadlines, stress, covetable people or things, etc., we forget to focus on what really controls us and how we feel; our mind. Aura is great with mood monitoring and stability. Whether you’re up way too late thinking about “that one person”, or just in need of some general guidance. From the very first day, it learns about who you are and how to optimally serve you and your wellbeing. It works the best with its premium option (which let’s face it, the money is worth you and your peers’ sanity) and has multiple plans to best suit you and your budget. Listen, I could go on and on about it’s perks and benefits, but it’s honestly easiest for you to download the app for free and go through the free trial. Decide you don’t like it? Delete the app and cancel the trial! Nothing against you or your bank account. I’m sixteen years old and can afford it after a couple hours a week. Trust me, if you think the money would be a concern for you, I promise you it isn’t. I paid the yearly payment up front and don’t have to think about another one for 365 days. You are worth a couple bucks and some down time everyday.
Amjoyg, 10/05/2018

Best Meditation App with a few kinks to work out

I have tried tons of meditation and anxiety apps but Aura has surprised me by being the app I turn to the most. Quick snippets of mediation and life coaching for what I need in the moment. A variety of voices and types of meditation leave me feeling as though it is an endless library and I will never feel bored. I would love to open my app to my feed or favorite channels and I do feel as though there are improvements that are needed in order to make it a bit more user friendly. If I understood how it worked the first tome I downloaded it, I’d never have deleted it! After becoming bored with competitor apps, i consistently went back to Aura.

The layout and purpose of the app is initially confusing but once I knew where my favorites and subscriptions were I was a happy camper. Going forward this is the only meditation/feel good app I will be paying for.
Ummmmnothanks, 01/11/2018

Perfect for a busy lifestyle

I’ve been using this app for 3 days now, and it’s the most consistent I’ve been with practicing mindfulness ever! I had the headspace app, but I found it too difficult to keep from being distracted for the entire length of the meditation. I didn’t like it because it was too much work and I felt defeated because I couldn’t do it for as long as they wanted me to. Aura offers meditation and mindfulness starting at 3 minutes in length and going up to 7 minutes!!!! This is absolutely perfect for me. I’m able to succeed at it, and the success has kept me coming back for more. I’m noticing a difference in the way I think and feel during the day, for the better. I’m a Counseling student, so I know the importance of self-care, and this app has helped me tremendously with my self-care during my busy schedule. I highly recommend Aura to anyone!
Michael Shane 76, 02/23/2018

My rating

Mini people always told me that they meditate. Me being a loving person and very excepting person always nodded and smiled. Not knowing much about meditation and how well it works. So on Valentine’s Day my husband bought me an Apple Watch which had A meditation app. I thought why not tried everyone always tells me how well meditation helps them through life. So I tried it it is better than any drug or psychiatry’s appointment . it is absolutely a miracle it relieves so many tensions and so much stress it teaches you mini lessons about life. I’ve missed out for many years but now I meditate and learn how to deal with life’s measurements we go tough in our life. I love it. People believe me it is absolutely the best miracle worker ive ever experience I see life in a new way now. And deal with life in a new way. You should try it’s been a very big success in my life.
brooke.relax, 01/15/2019

Why this app deserves this rating

I am a thirteen year old girl who is unfortunately going through a lot of stress in her first year of middle school. I came home today insanely stressed from all the work that was given. I had so much work that was overdue and almost due. I opened up my Aura app that I got yesterday and used once, and after 4 minutes, my session was done and I felt like all the stress that was on my shoulders were taken off. I felt light and happy. Right now I feel like I can do anything and nothing can get in my way. I can see so much potential in this app and I know that it can help so many people and i know that it will help me so much in the future.;)
swimer 08, 01/05/2019

Great nothings wrong with it

I just did it for the first time I was super dizzy so I listened to the video and now I’m not dizzy. I love it because once you pick what you feel the app knows exactly what you need to help you feel better happier and if you pick you can’t sleep you can go right to sleep after I hope if you are Reading the reviews right now to see if it’s a good app I hope you get it and I helped and you get it because of this I think this is the best meditation app and I am only 10 and I think that you should get this app. And I hope you read the whole thing read all other reviews because I thought that was really helpful that’s why I got them because of the reviews. :-) Thank you if you read on and I hope you get it!
MahaloEva, 10/02/2019

Great update!! I love what I get to hear...

I absolutely love what I hear when I get to hear them: the meditations are awesome, the instructions are pertinent and informative! There are several to choose from so if one isn’t to your liking for that moment then surely one of the others are… I’ve listened to all four of them more than halfway through at times. That is for terribly bad days for me ~ not the meditations~ just needing it more Aura time! I love being able to hear the meditation whenever I’m able to after the scheduled time even if it’s into the next day!! And I L-O-V-E the periodic “breathe innnnnnn, breathe ooooouuuuut” video clip reminder that pops up!! I’d like to be able to have THAT on demand!

Take a deep breath with Aura

Personalized meditations, stories and music from this app praised by the Best of Apple 2017 list.

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